beautifully chivalrous?

Recently I have noticed very funny thing that if a handsome guy or a pretty girl is around suddenly people are unusually chivalrous. Only the other day I was waiting in a queue for my turn to have coffee when I saw a guy heading towards the door from inside while from outside two girls were walking towards the cafe. Our guy opens the door for the first lady who was not only a pretty face but also dressed up in smart minidress. Now the moment our pretty lady walks in he closes the door not waiting for the other one who was merely one and half pace behind. While choosing to be selectively chivalrous the guy didn’t step out immediately but also asks the pretty lady how is she leaving behnd the struggling girl with her bags at the door.

This was one incident the other one was notices on a tube. One middle aged lady was standing in front of two young ladies. I don’t know for how long she was standing but I was watching them for two stations. Now come the next station and a handsome guy boards the train. Somehow this guy comes to stand just next to the standing lady. Seeing this both of the young ladies immediately jump up to thier feet and offer their seats to the standing damsel. What is more interesting here is the lady looks at the guy and ask him to sit down with her leaving behind two very cnfused young ladies.

Don’t know whether I am unfortunate to witness such incidents or really the world is changing!!


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