bold or bleed?

Months ago after you artistically broke my heart, I was sitting in dark swearing on Gods ,Demons, Satan  that I would never pen you or anything about you. But today a thought strike me, why should you stay peacefully while I suffer everyday. I should include you in my writings, so that we could share the pain that you have gloated once to share. So today I will be bold and bleed out on the paper. I will write without hesitation. I will laugh without fear. Who knows may be that would be enough torture for you. 

You know, you and I both are broken in our own twisted way. Unlike you, I don’t let the broken jags to hold me back rather I use it to cut loose the ties of past. You on the other hand let every ghost from your past to haunt you. They make each shining moment to go pale and your biggest loss is- you let them do that. But all that went wrong was not totally your fault, if not less, I contributed equally. Their….see I can be bold and accept my faults too my love.

This is for first time I am writing about you, after you left, but I hope this won’t be the last. But what I don’t know is how I should continue writing when each time I think about you, my heart starts doing funny things. Who would have known the heart could be so weird, so bold yet so fearful to bleed!!wpid-wp-1448046976459.jpeg



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