curiosity killed my ice-cream….

I have inherited a lot of things from my parents. For example their reading habit, my mother’s iron-hard core strength, my father’s oh-so-famous-not-so-good temper, my mother’s royal upbringing society traits(*snort*)  and my father’s best trait….to not fall asleep before 3 in the morning. I know for most of the people sleeping by 10 PM at night or by max midnight are a common norm, but trust me on this all those who sleep so early miss a lot of things which happens only after midnight. Now now don’t get all too excited I am not writing erotica here (*smirk*…..someday may be I will). Ok so going back to our not so excited but curious incident of yesterday night.

As I mentioned sleep and I are like Cinderella……our tryst is always times and hence limited (and I am not complaining either), so around 1 AM I put down my latest fictional world aside. I was not so sure what to do all I was thinking that I should give my eyes (overworking all the time) some rest. I opened my refrigerator; standing in front of it always gives me thrill. Sometimes the thrill is due to the non-existence of any food apart from some yogurt but majority of times because it is so well stocked that I end up confused and going out for something less complicated….like a midnight stroll (yeah I know midnight stroll and food are not interchangeable…still). Again coming back to the real incidence. Yesterday night I was looking for some ice-cream, which unfortunately the well-stocked healthy refrigerator was unable to conjure. I huffed and shuffled towards my window to adore the waxing Christmas moon (yes I have the privilege of living on top floor of the building), which appeared oh so serene. Suddenly I heard a faint yet definite yelling. I looked at my neighbor’s window because they have this knack of shout-talking but I guess after midnight that avenue is closed. Common sense (or may be gravity) forced me to look below. Voila…what do I see….well a girl and probably her boyfriend having an argument (include few mild shoves from the girl’s side), lover’ quarrel!! All my decency (and stern mother’s voice too) told me to move away from the window. But two things stopped me 1. I was too high away from them to really able to listen a single word. 2. Hell! I was standing in my home, by my window…it’s not my fault they selected my window for their rendezvous. Alas my determination soon waned away (unlike the moon). So I grabbed my keys took my jacket and decided that I should get some ice-cream and walked out.

As soon as I reached the ground floor and stepped out from the building I was able to see the couple still going on perpetually. Suddenly the guy shouted, “Thanks to god someone is here”, and he came towards me and asked,” Hey, I know we don’t know each other but right now we could use some help”. After saying this he explained me their issue and asked for my opinion and I was like what, why and how.

By the time we stopped having full-fledged discussion regarding their “issue”, it was already 2 and I have lost all my interest towards getting an ice-cream. I dragged myself inside my room again (yeah all the way up). I opened my refrigerator again took a swig from milk-jug and dived right back into my fictional world, realizing too late I could have used the fire-exit. I was too aware of the fact that if I come out from the front of my building I would get close to the fighting lovers. But before going out the curious I wanted to know why they are having an argument at this time (and specifically below my window). So I have purposefully walked out from the lift in that direction. And the last thing my sleep deprived mind supplied to me, just before falling in abyss of strange dreams that my curiosity killed my ice-cream.


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