love at first sight

When the sun comes down, setting through my window
I feel contended while the dusk glows on my carpet.
Saw a phantom haunting the mirror, it was love at first sight.
But my shadow want a new soul to love.
Through its grey haze I see every night,
An angel sailing through the night’s deep ocean
Draped in dark wraps of mystery, feline and fragile in motion.
Masking more about her than they tell;
In havens strange she weathers storms erotic
And holds some phantom lover in her eyes.
Or perhaps she walks this world unknown
Adrift like me, upon the depths of nights
Going back to the start, soaring with the angel,
Only to lose it in halo, darkness so soothing yet so alone.
Night revealing its symphony for the lovers, rain washing away the catacombs.
As night ripens fresh to become longstanding,
A longing, lifetime old, rose from grave deep within my emotion
Preparing to open myself to ceaseless night’
Seductive and soothing caresses, formed of ecstasy.
I see myself in the mirror, not enemy with the time-not anymore,
I put away all my pride for the phantom to breath into my heart.


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