death dignified!!

I know with all the festivities going around I think this post is not the most suitable excerpt to read but the urge to put it out here is uncontainable.

I don’t know why but last night all of sudden my memory vault puked out a vision of dead body lying on the road while a 7 years old kid was clutching her dad’s finger tightly. The urgency to hold onto was not because of the dead body, lying there on the road, but due the fear that come when surrounded by too many anxious strangers… I remember clearly that day, my dad and I were on our way to gas station since our family were supposed to go for an outing as it was Christmas. I was asking for ice-cream and dad said keep your eyes peeled for ice-cream parlor. I asked him how would I recognize one, dad replied it would be crowded. Suddenly I pointed towards a crowded place, chirruping, and “ice-cream look there”. My dad knowing too well that it couldn’t an ice-cream parlor tried his best but I was (still am) stubborn. We stopped and I jumped out from the car before my dad could stop me or get down himself. But I was (and still not) not that stupid to rush into a crowded place all by myself so I went to my dad’ door-side waited for him to join me, which he did reluctantly though. As I pulled him after my tiny frame I saw a man sleeping in front of a truck (at least that was my first thought…I was only 7years old). I exclaimed, “Look dad they are performing magic”.  My dad instantly scooped me up and said, “don’t be afraid”, he never asked me “not to look”. Like an obedient kid, that I was (still proudly am) I looked without fear as my dad explained that the man got hit by the truck and most probably is lying here ever since last night. I asked my dad, “How do we know he is dead and not sleeping?” My dad always the patient guy he was said, “He doesn’t have any heartbeat sweetie”. I was like, “Okay people without beating heart are dead”.

But that was then now I am amazed how easily I accepted death at that tender age and how now I am apprehensive about the same. How I was not afraid because my dad asked me not too but now the concept is alien. I don’t know about my own ideas. What amazes me most is how over dramatized the concept of death is and it gain forces me to conclude that we adults have the tendency to make easy things complex. We are so hell bent to look for logics that we conveniently deny the beauty of simplicity. We seek after wrong questions while looking for answers. Our questions are complicated which in turn twist the simple answers.  What can quench curiosity of 7 years old can satisfy the same person after 20 years but why, what changed the perceiving capability?

In my opinion death is the most beautifully simplified concept. It is beyond materialistic pull (or may be push) and all stupid things that we waste so much time accumulating. Well I am pretty ill-informed to glorify death but I am sensible enough to hope that with time my thinking would be sorted. I won’t be afraid of it. I am sure I won’t be because I have done it before.




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