who took off my bra?

Yeah you read the topic all right. But it not sensual story so hold your horses before they stray too deep into the gorge of imagination. So this is last night’s experience, some of people came over my place to have one or two drinks (which turned out to became one or two bottles), after their work to discuss how happening-or-may-be-not-so-happening work life. Soon everyone was not only blabbering but also happily and partially in some wonder-world. There was wine and smoke, lots of smoke (which was not coming from cigarette but you guys already know that). So while everything was fine we soon realized that all of us have to go offices again in the morning so we should wrap up the goodness for the night and go home (well apart from me and my room-mate, we were already home remember).

Here comes the drama, normally my room-mate and I, we walk people to our door from there they continue for their respective destinations but yesterday was different. One of my room-mate’ friend was so….. intoxicated, that she literally stumbled with each staggering step. So being equally intoxicated but feeling extremely chivalrous we, the host, suggested we should drop her off to her home. Little were we aware that our suggestion would draw ire of the friend and she would argue with all her inebriated ego that she is fine and can go home all by herself. We argued for 20 minutes, for these 20 odd minutes we were oscillating between inside and outside of our apartment.

After all logic that 5 intoxicated brains could conjure we decided that the hosts (my room-mate and I) should drop the Ms. oh-so-macho-I-don’t-need-your-help to her home but with a clause. The clause was she would travel alone and anyone who wants to drop her off should follow her in another vehicle, so that she gets the faux-independence feeling. Since I was the least intoxicated person, so I was designated the task of to follow her cab. Now to follow her cab we arranged another friend (of my room-mate), who has bike, to play super-knights after midnight. All said and planned we hurried out of our apartment before anyone says something else to trigger another bout of “bloody-I-am-capable-enough-to-go-by-myself”. And in this hurriedness I got out as I was, which was- an oversized university hoodie thrown over my pj shorts. Now let’s give some names here to each character to avoid confusion. My room-mate M was totally sloshed (combined effect if liquid courage and smoke), Ms. oh-so-macho-I-don’t-need-your-help is A and the guy with bike S (who is a very hot but unfortunately not my friend).

So first we(S and I) hailed a cab and got A inside. Then S and I started our journey. It was 1o’clock the air was pretty cold, well colder as we were on bike. S, after tolerating our drunken tantrums was not in very talkative mood, suddenly asked me, “Are you cold?” I said no I am fine, which I actually was after smoking up I was feeling light-weighted. He suggested if I want to I can wrap my arms around him. Now anyone else who finds someone hot would have done that but me, well me being me I am reserved and shy (moderately) I denied and said I am okay back here. After following the cab for an eternity we saw it stopping so we leveled it (since we were supposed to follow only but strictly not to ride along the cab).

From inside A said, “you guys can wait here, I will walk the rest distance”. S being A’ friend suggested, “I can drop you till there”. “NO”, yelled A. she was so loud, we were afraid people are going to come out of their houses and beat the living hell out of me and S for harassing us. So we decided we will watch from distance and let her walk the distance.

She started her painstakingly slow drunken walk. While she was walking I was getting colder and colder and in that moment I realized that while playing the good Samaritan, I am dropping off a stranger (little known person) while riding behind another stranger(even lesser known), when the truth hit me like MJOLNIR (the hammer of Thor) that I am high. We were still watching her trying to walk and I was grateful that it was a street and time was 1:30 at night so no traffic was there. I don’t know what S was thinking, maybe he was concerned about A after all they are colleagues, or (high probability) he was thinking “I don’t know how I ended up here”. By this time I was seriously cold and trying with all my “stoned” determination not to shiver. Suddenly S wrapped his arms around my shoulder….before I continue let me tell you I am very much touch conscious person…the moment he did it I jumped a little and tried (key word is tried) to shrug it off. But he must have guessed that I was also stoned/sloshed because his grip was strong and he said “Relax”. Imagine my wrath when my mind just obeyed, in my confused state I blamed the joints.

By this time A almost reached her gates. She was hovering there and we were like “go, go…go please”. And just like that she was gone; she went in called S and said that she has locked the doors. After this we still were standing there, me in confused state and S in god-knows-what-state. I said we should get going but S looked at me and asked, “Do want to eat something?” Now I must tell you people I never could, never would say no to food, so I responded, “Can we have ice-cream?” He looking amused but said nothing just hopped on his bike and waited for me to do the same with my frozen legs.

We stopped at a gas station he went in to pick a tub of ice-cream while I was sitting cross-legged on his bike and trying to cover my legs with my arms. He came back and asked again whether I was cold but by this time goose-bumps were already visible on my pj cladded legs. He said we should go to his place and have ice-cream there. Even in my stoned state I realized what he said and I laughed. Not a lady-like flirtatious laughter but one of those villain like “buwahahahaha”. He also smiled and asked again what I want to do so I told him lets finish it here and go back to our “respective” homes and sleep on our “respective” beds. He got the idea and we finished the ice-cream while talking about (I mean he scolding me) how-could-you-like-gooey-icecream.

After eating we continued towards our place (he lives in g building which is next to my building), but this time he pulled me forward and stuffed my hands in his jacket front pockets and ordered sit still. I dozed off (or at least on the verge of it) when he shrugged his shoulders to say “hey if you fall back, I will not stop to pick you up”. I tried to sit straight but he stopped me and said “You would be warmer this way” and honestly by this time due to collective efforts of cold night, chilly winds and superb ice cream, I could feel the chill in spine so I complied.

We drove for eternities and it felt as if we have crossed North as well as South Pole during this time. When we reached at our destination I was so frozen and numb that I realized after 5 minutes that we are no longer moving. S was perfectly still when he said “Do you need help back there”, I mumbled “No” and trotted down. He said gently touched my arm to stop me and asked for my mobile phone and just like that I gave him my handset. He returned it to me and I like a dumb person asked him nothing, turned back and walked towards the lift.

I entered my apartment, looked at the scattered things, and went to my bed-room thinking “Some night it was to play knight”.

When my mobile phone’ screen came alive with a text notification it took me sometime to comprehend why it is all lit up because I don’t have any boyfriend or needy friend or any 3o’clock at night friend to text me anything. I opened the text and it said, “ I know we are not friends but after tonight I think I have the right to say this to you.” , by this time I was a bit antsy because of the number of words in that text as well as due to my bleary sight. Nevertheless I read as the text continued, “I enjoyed our time together. It is just this thing, from next time please try to wear necessary underclothes”, I was equally perplexed and thought I would reply tomorrow morning. I fished out my pillows and dived under the covers. After a while I realized I haven’t taken off my bra(which I do every night religiously before sleeping) so I got up and reached behind my back to unclasp it when I got shock of my life. I was not wearing any bra. At that moment all the buzz from wine and all the featherhead feeling of weed left me and only one thought echoed “Who took off my bra!!!” and suddenly S’ text was very meaningful and I was again diving in my beds but this time to scream in my pillow.



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