Dreamy and Steamy Elevator!!

I have watched too many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (actually millions of re-runs) to feel normal in an elevator. The extent of weirdness is if by mistake someone looks into my eyes I start blushing or if someone asks which floor I start stammering. Oh my-dear-so-very-dear-devil, Dr. Shepherd what have you done to me (*evil smirk)!!!But the Mc Dreamy has that charm.

Just the other day only I saw a guy who reminded

me of Mc Steamy…he even smiled at me and I like an imbecile managed (with blush rising rapidly) to gawk at my shoes. Why all the movies and episodes tells us how guys are hot and charming (sometimes) and not the reality that for a shy person it is impossible to behave in a manner which is shown on air (*sigh).

Well too all Mc dreamies and Mc Steamies out there please don’t feel offended if I don’t look at you it is not because I don’t like you but it is because I am too shy.


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