bombay v/s mumbai

No this is not an invitation to start any political or any sort of debate under my write up. Apologies in advance if it hurts your sentiments but do hell with that writing if it appeases everyone.

So why do I have this urge to write about a city ancient as our roots?? Because I am presently living in this city and because I have no other topic to write about.

So Bombay as my granddad used to say is city where you are surrounded by the things which you could have in your life. You thrive to have them in your life for you for your loved ones. Someone truly said “Maya-Nagari” (Maya means magic as well as money in Hindi dialect); this city was full of both money and magic. Magical city for those who used to come from smaller cities with their dreams and little money and then Voila’ this city would embrace them, love them, give them prosperity.

Now Mumbai is more modern, more hi-tech and more….well more everything. People now come here, doesn’t matter whether they have money or not; Dream or no dream they are all part of the ever moving crowd of Mumbai. Now Mumbai is a place where you are surrounded by things which you cannot afford in your life.

Somewhere between B to M, Y to I this city is still the same “Maya-Nagari” just what kind of “Maya” is up to you to decide.


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