i do not throw-up, i take stairs!!



For a person who believe in midnight snacks, mid-morning snacks, mid-noon snacks (mind you snacks could be anything from fine Lebanese Shawarma to tub full of ice-cream) , staying “hungry” to get in shape doesn’t makes any sense. Unfortunately one of my acquaintances does not agree. According to her being “thin” would help her to get more male attention (*snort…as if….*eye roll). She believes by sparsely eating (make it not eating sometimes too) would help. She would ask me often, “Tell me M how do you manage to be in shape even though you eat like a pig (no I didn’t feel insulted at all), is bulimia helpful?” Imagine my shock. I am a food-lover for me the mere thought of throwing up the delicious food that you have just eaten is like a total wastage of food. So she would further hock me how do I manage my weight yada yada…gibber gibber. “I take the stairs. Yes you heard (read) it right I assured her. Her shocked face gave me food (not literally) for thought, is taking stairs and working out is such a bad idea or a tough task that it shocks people? May be or maybe not. I am not sure, I live on 7th floor and I take stairs regularly (climbing up)  and I work out (three days out of seven) and as mentioned by my glorious acquaintance I eat like a pig and one or two lengthy soul-searching walks every now and then, these are the supposed ingredients of my “maintaining shape” procedure. Pick yours but do not throw up and please start eating because no man in this world could replace food…ever!!!


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