Do I really need a category for men or do I need a break from them?


I have categorized men in two categories. Category one consists of those who shows too much interest in me and category two well it consists of those who are aware that I exist but my existence is not their concern (at least that is what I think). If anyone claims that these two categories are the extreme edges of scale, I would say yeah because  since when going mild is my thing. So the eminent creeps of category one are the men who are like too pushy, asking silly things like, “Do you have a boyfriend” (multiple times), “would you like to go out for a coffee” (that is why my caffeine intake has lessened), “would you like to grab something to eat” reason why I have started taking my lunch at my work-station only), “can I drop you home” (now you know why I leave at odd hours for home from the office), “can I have your phone number” (my mobile is perpetually on silent mode). Huff…some persistent chimps these men are. Intriguing part is they have been handed out “NO” too many times to continue their quest still they overlook the power of this small but power-packed word “NO”. Well this, up to some extent defines their knowledge of vocabulary or may be lack of it. Most of the time what amazes me most is why I cannot get the attention the guy(s),I am interested in. they won’t even spare me a glance (well openly) or strike a conversation. They scurry behind my back, asking each other questions about me while no one knows anything substantial about me (at least not here… given the fact that i am totally new in this city). In short either they are concocting false facts about me or they are spreading rumors about me. Ughhh…negativity much (:P). No well they do not spread rumors or concocting anything let alone discuss me.But would they be the same “persistent” category of men if I think to say “NO”?


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