then there was laughter

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i don’t know why but today i am missing my dad…very much. in the morning i was like…. all gloomy and sullen (well gloomier and more sullen than usual). whole morning i was sighing and revisiting memory-lane, lost looking for mind-knows what. then my mind played the memory where i was five years old stammering-stumbling kid and dad and i was in our backyard, well my elder sister was also there but you know how sometimes in memory it is all about you. dad and i was trying to catch some butterflies, actually to be honest i was struggling and dad was being humble to make me jolly. we had a jar set aside for the captives and every now and then i would stumble and obviously land up either on my backside or face. after hell lot of scratches and bruises a caught a little yellow butterfly, it fluttered between my finger, i got scared so i let go and then i looked at my dad. he was looking at me with bemused look and just like that both of us burst out laughing.

this memory not only left a smile on my face but also reminded me no one in this world who was/is good to you deserves to be recalled with tears in eyes.


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