cramped much

This is strictly a female writing under influence of too much hormones or pain or may be extreme combination of both…no offence meant to any gender…or may be its deliberate 😉


Last night in between spasms of pain and torturous cramps my overly tired brain couldn’t stop “thinking” (well now it is thinking but in the heat of the moment, last night, I am sure some of us would say I was cursing). So the thought was how come female population is the one which is “entrusted” with nourishing the fertile egg so that this “awesome race of organisms” could continue their “genetic signature” and also bear “the pain” if the so called egg is not present in their womb. I mean shouldn’t there be some law according to which at least one of these tasks should be assigned to the male population. Well apart from “donating” their precious genes what exactly is role of other gender….I am truly perplexed and still looking for the answer.


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