happily ever after….oh yeah?

Who would have thought death of a former death-eater (reformed), who changed the meaning of a word so mundane that no would have anticipated the outcome. Of course the man in question is Severus Snape and the word-not-so-mundane-anymore is “Always”. But this post is not about Snape (not completely at least ;)). With the news spreading everywhere (as if everyone is not already aware :\ ) that Alan Rickman has now decided to leave back his corporeal form to travel further and farther; my oh-not-good-for-anything-at-least-not-anymore ex called me (or tried to call me on my cellphone since I have blocked him) when he couldn’t get through he dropped a text…which is pretty unfortunate because I have no means to block him thereL. So his text reads, “I recently saw on social media about Alan, I know being a die-hard fan of Harry Potter series you must be sad (I rolled my eyes and said sad…..try devastated). I don’t know whether you would appreciate my text or not but I think of you very often, well more often then I should (ok I must say this “more often” part creep me out 😉 ). If I could then then I would change the past, if you feel like forgiving me please call/text me back. In your love “always”.
P.S.: I still have your “Shadow of the Wind” novel

After reading the text I was fuming firstly because that stupid person has only kept one of my prized possessions but he has the balls to remind me that he has hogged it away from me. Secondly because he never liked Harry Potter how dare he to use the magical word “always” to express his muggle love. He should have think of all this before succumbing to cheating that to with one of my friends.
So no my dear-good-nothing-in-my-life ex we cannot live happily ever after just because you miss me more often and you still love me. We would be miles apart…always!!!


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