the art of giving away

men are not hard-wired to nut up rather they are not wired at all


hormones are funny thing. well as funny as any secretion could get 😛 . i have a friend, a male friend who asked me once whether i want to date someone or not (well he tried to ask pretty coyly whether i am interested in him or not ), to which i answered as demurely as possible that i want to but i do not have a suitable guy. after that i don’t know what he has comprehended from the “coy” talk but he never mentioned it ever again. last week the same guy who is also one of my good friend asked me about a girl who happens to be my college friend. he asked pretty unabashedly, who is this “cute” girl with you in this picture. one thing lead to another and i introduced two of them, so that Ms Cute could meet Mr Hot. after a week of talking or devil-knows-only-what, Mr Hot called me and asked how could you just pass me away to your friend. i was shocked because seven days ago he was all “she-is-so-cute” and now he is all antsy. i asked him what went wrong with Ms Cute with he dodged so expertly that the word expertly itself needs a redefining moment. he said he asked for ms cute to see my reaction.

i was so tempted to tell him that the art of giving away is nothing new for me. i do not run after people. i do not run after them because i value their decision of leaving me for someone better not because i do not care enough for them. how could i ask someone to focus on me while internally they are craving for some Ms Cute. so i here i am back in stride with my friends Mr hot and Ms cute while they are still learning how to avoid in each others company. and one thing which i have gained after giving away is respect and love (both emotions intensified immensely).

so all the beautiful ladies and handsome gents learn the art of giving away!!!


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