when we had time

how hourglass stole each moments, stowing them away;

all the while waves were piling memories…

remember the day when you found me sitting all by myself, on the swing, staring at oblivious world of judgments. Some one at school said that you were my boyfriend, I was sad. I was sad not because it was right or wrong I was sad because that day I realized how different I am from others. I was and am different not because they were wrong or right but it is for the fact that you would always be that person in life who taught me everything. It was romantic in its own ethereal sense.

you remember the day when we had that nasty fight for remote-control and afterwards you came in my room with mocha latte as peace offering. we ended up on couch sleeping while the movie kept playing by itself, you have drooled all over my toes. then all of sudden we grew up.

i was buried inside every book of library and you were inside every walking female above legal age. we stayed partners as we were. you would come at my place tell me about how ravishing your new muse is and how un-ravishing food she made you for breakfast. Then one day you decided you should join the heavenly world of souls, rather fate decided that for you…for us. Your last words for me were to be brave, to stand tall no matter what.

but today I am afraid, I need you beside me like that day on swing. I want you to hug me and tell me that being different is exotic feeling and not the other way round. I want you to come at my place to tell me about your day, date and I want you to cook me my favorite and your signature “cheese omelette”. because I am tired of being brave. I am standing tall for so long, all alone, that my spirit is all tattered and crumbling.

I know what I am asking for is not possible, but please send your stand-by soon because we are running out of time.





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