Ms. Boots, Ms. Spikes & Ms. Hot-pink

People could be obtuse…well it is understatement of the century may be of millennium. I deducted this when I overheard one conversation…yeah I know eavesdropping is not the best way to gather information but hey who said I am always fair 😛 , as a matter of fact I am seldom fair. So the other day I went to this bistro where 3 ladies (if I dare to call them that 😉 ). One of them was wearing hot pink jumper with “NOT COOL” written over it, another one with spikey hairstyle and last fashionista was wearing yellow boots.  One out of them left soon after I arrived. I was sitting close to the group I could listen every word. So as soon as Ms. Hot-pink left the bistro, rest of the group, Ms. Spikes and Ms. Boots continued their pitter-patter of chatter. Ms. Boots were saying, “I hope you don’t mind Ms. Pink. She has this knack of laughing at everyone over everything”. Ms. Spike responded “Off course I don’t.” Soon I came to know that Ms. Spike and Ms. Hot-pink were meeting for first time. Ms. Boots was sugar-coating everything which included the coffee-table too 😛 . Since most of the time I am not very fond of people, I moved further back and selected most isolated overstuffed chair to sit. Then I start my immense job of analysis. And I came to these conclusions:

  1. Hot-pink was rude since she mocked someone.
  2. Boots was ignorant since she asked for forgiveness.
  3. Spike was fool since she didn’t say anything (she is me 😛 ).

I mean come-on some no one is so oblivious that she could mock someone without thinking that it might hurt the other. What are you….5 year old kid (mind you even they are smart now a days). Then there are people who would be extra nice asking “do you” mind…like really any nice person would say something like “yes I do” without being bitchy. And at last people like me who are all mean but seldom express it are the biggest fools, who do not utter anything to imbeciles like….well like every other moron.


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