oh sweetie…let me boost your confidence

The other day in my office I was working my smart ass of and I heard sniffling and ever boring mind of mine got super excited. I peeked around and found this lady who sits across me trying to cry coyly. She has covered her eyes with her hand; head bowed and turned to one side. She was trying (or not) to do the whole thing very demurely but alas the loud nose and its sniveling. At first I thought I should go and comfort her but then all of sudden her impoliteness towards me flashed in my mind. How she chided me, when a guy asked me for lunch, saying that I flirt too much. How she has ridiculed me because I hail from different city. Most importantly how she implied that I am beneath her intellectual range :\ . So I decided she is trying to be coy, let’s give Ms. Coy the satisfaction of success, by not going over to her desk and letting others know that she is sobbing.

I still remember the day when I joined the office and a lot of people came along to introduce them, that day too she came along and said, “You know people here can even fawn over a pile of rags”. I was flabbergasted because that was our first interaction and for the devil’ sake where was the country called “courtesy”. After few days Ms. Coy, who is married and resembles a bowling pin weighing around 200 pounds and 5feet tall, said, “I couldn’t comprehend why the men are paying extra attention to you, you and I are same”. I spluttered into my mug; I am 110 pounds, much younger to her and with a significant difference, I do not have a wedding-band on my fingers. I said aloud, “Yeah, I wonder about the same”, I mentally smirked and continued.

After sometime Ms. Coy decided it’s not working so she asked me (very loudly), “Say, do you have any tissue paper”. I almost hollered in laughter and said no quietly without sparing her any glance. She huffed loudly and left for the loo. Which triggered a whole new chain of thoughts…if you wanted to keep your bawling so secret then why not to cry in the loo only 😉 .

I am not very proud of my deed but I am not ashamed either…now go ahead judge me but I can’t help the savage satisfaction 😀 .

Well I guess they call jealousy for a reason sweetie and its and a ladder to success.


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