do not disturb-us

What make the signs of “do not disturb” so interesting?

Whenever people saw this sign they stop for a moment to think what must be going on behind this sign. 😐 . At least I do it 😛 .

So once when I was 4 or may be 5…well when I was somewhat innocent 😀 I saw this “DND” sign hanging from the door of our neighbor’s hotel room; the sign itself was pretty interesting where an elderly lady was standing with a stick in her hand and large spects settled on her nose and she was scowling while the magical words “do not disturb” are sprawled under her. Out of sheer curiosity I snagged that sign and put it on our door of that hotel room. I don’t know whether the adjacent room was expecting any company or not but my dad was and due to the prominent “stick lady” he missed his dinner meeting with the client he was supposed to meet. Although my dad scolded them pretty nicely and gave a higly educational speech on benefits of telephone, pager and cell phones that by the end the clients thought that they are equally to be blamed for the missed business dinner.

But my learning was…that too for lifetime 😛 …..was this-
“do not disturb” signs are not only a shield for the people using it but the sign in itself is enchanted and shouldn’t be tempered with. 😉


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