yada yada

Oh!have I offended you once again,

Must have I got up on the tactless side of the bed today. :\

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Two days ago I fell victim to something so silly that I am still not sure whether it is eligible enough to categorize under funny or plain bad-luck 😛

The incidence was/is about usage of smileys or maybe not. Few days ago I left I text for my flat-mate that it’s her turn to get the groceries. I was in hurry when I texted her so I just typed the basic message no “love kiss” no “hearts” no “hugs” no sir nothing not even a smiling smiley was there. Then I got this essay (lengthy text……like really lengthy text O.o ) that how traumatized she is and how bad her life is going and how “rudely” I have asked her to get the groceries and how I am this close to crossing her threshold and how she is also worthy for some respect and how I am a “bitch” (so much for traumatized soul craving for respect 😛 . I read the whole text and at first I thought that I should blast her away but then I thought maybe she undergoing stress or being hormonal or maybe both. Plus she couldn’t get any lower (or maybe she could) but that doesn’t means I need to challenge her 😛 . So I said/texted nothing and voila now I am blamed for being unattached unemotional human *o* .
well what can I say….suck it up buddy 😐



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