but he was not into guys!!

I know as of late I have writing (at least thinking) a lot about my best friend who has the audacity to die on me and leave me all by myself in this buzzing world. So much for chivalry “A” :\ , I swear if you hadn’t died I would have killed you because I have to act all brave without you. But this is not about my feeling (or maybe it is but someone else is also involved). So yesterday our common friend called me and told me he has some of your (A’s) possessions from the time when he used to share the flat with A.

He dropped by, later that night to give me the box, non-descriptive in itself but nevertheless Pandora box. He left pretty soon maybe not wanting to deal with an emotional-ready-to burst-in-tears-me 😛 . So I ate and washed the dishes while thinking whether I want a drink before opening the box or not. I thought I am strong enough to handle it sans the alcohol.

So I opened it, not knowing what to anticipate. What I saw was two T-shirts, one I hated so much that A must have stowed it away because I have always asked him not to wear it. Second t-shirt was the custom made, black T-shirt with “smoochie loves my swag” written on its backside. I busted out laughing. Next was a coffee mug with the logo of “the flash” and then bottle of his cologne. Now the bottle of cologne was something the friend could have kept for himself but he didn’t. I called him to ask why so and what he said totally stumped me, “I think you deserve to have every last bit of his belongings. You and A were like Emily and Nolan from the “revenge” series.” I was so tempted to ask do you ask “revenge” series but some rational frontal lobe of my brain stopped me 😉 .

I slept with a dash of his cologne and wearing his hideous T. thinking A was not into guys as Nolan was in “Revenge” series 😛 .


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