sincerely douchey

one of those situations where two douches are so overpoweringly douchey that you simply want to punch them or may be kicking them (since you don’t want to soil your hands 😉 ) is a better option. what is beyond my comprehension is how people are so oblivious to their pain-in-ass special personality. “I just want to have fun” attitude is good but please don’t have fun on the expense of others specifically by derogating someone.

not to start any gender war here but if the two douches are male cracking mean jokes on a female….dude so not acceptable, it would not increase your “manly” quotient for that female but if you continue,maybe your “manly” anatomical parts would suffer.

so “buddy” stop being douchey because that is too easy to be; try chivalry, with a touch of humor, add a dash of tactfulness and top the dish with sincerity.


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