the girl in the corner

Out of few memories that I had of my mom, one is this. When I was 14 or something my mom and I was working in our garden. Now let me tell you our garden was really one of those sophisticated state of the art thing where I think the flowers would have bloomed with synchronized sense if my mom would have asked (moreover like order) them to. And right in this garden was a cactus plant, sitting in the corner, smirking as if mocking my mom that “See I dare to defy you and have grown thorns for my protection”. So that day my mom assigned me the work of collecting all the dead leaves from the flower-beds. I picked up a basket and started my work. Soon I was collecting (trying to) leaves from underneath the cactus plant; I felt a scratch on my upper arm so twisted my hand and bam!!….I got four more cuts. Deep cuts withdrew blood too soon and my mom rushed me in to tend to those stupid cuts. Stupid, because I acted like one. After few weeks when the cuts were more or less healed but left marks on my arm, we had a dinner party. I remember there was this lady who always hated my mom or at the very least was jealous of her.

Now a little background story….. My mom and lady J were not enemies by any definition but not exactly friends either. I guess lady J is jealous of my mom because of her status (yeah my mom is a distant relative of some royalty), beauty (she is definitely beautiful) and poise nature. Not only this but she is aware of my mom’ somewhat not-so-affectionate relationship with me. Yeah my mom’ favorite is my sister (because she inherited the poised nature and beauty and the grace while I am literally the black sheep in dark horse-ish manner 😛 ) .

So this lady saw my arm and commented as caustically as possible “Oh! honey what you have done to earn such wrath from your mother”. I was shocked but I remember clearly that I responded back “But why lady J it was not my mom but the cactus plant”.  I got reprimanded (from mom obviously  😦 ) for answering back according to her I was wrong to defend her.

Thinking now I realized how people are always ready to jump to conclusion with traces of information. How people think that what is right is right no matter what the circumstances are. at last I realized how I would never had my childhood back to get the love from my mother and how I will always be the girl sulking in the corner, watching her mom showering  her love on everyone but her.


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