you should give a damn

the other day I was watching my two friends…two close friends fighting over some silly thing. Unfortunately what started as silly ended up in something serious.  My two friends Mr. V and Ms. S had a fight over the point, “who” would close the window which all of sudden took an ugly turn. Ms. S left the room, banging the infamous door while going out. After two days the situation was no good….cold war prevailed. I cornered both of them …separately, obviously. So Mr. V said, “I am ready to talk but she should come to me first”. I suggested him certain things, we had a nice discussion and all was good. When I cornered Ms. S what she said rattled me. She said, “I don’t give a damn” before leaving she added “I am too cool to care for such silly argument”. Yeah I couldn’t agree any more that yes the point of argument was silly but the person…what about him. He is a friend…my friend…your friend. One can have “I do not give a damn” attitude towards the random people of this planet but when one is talking about friends you should give every damn possible.

P.S.: I don’t think so all the people added in our Facebook friend list are our “friends”. I am sure like others my definition of friends is also different, but whatever the definition is…yeah you got my point.


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