People have this knack for making a lot of things uncomfortable when the concern is totally unnecessary. For instance today in a crowded tube when I took my seat beside a middle aged guy, I was not aware of this fact. When I took that seat the guy was asleep, but not for very long. When the crowd started thinning my neighbor also came out of his my torpor.  Then the fidgeting began. Every once in a while he would look at me then fidget some more. At first I thought maybe I am sitting too much towards him. Nopes, I checked and rechecked to be sure.  Another reason which came across my mind and an important one too, “Have I applied deodorant today”……yeah I know. After that I subtly checked by clothing to make sure I am not flashing or wearing my shirt inside out. Negative again. The whole way I was pondering what is it…what is it. Eventually I get down at my stop to meet my friend. When my friend saw she shouted, “Oh my God”. I yelled, “Tell me what it is”. Then the grand revelation happened. I was wearing eye makeup only on my left eye.

I realized that yes I was fussing over nothing. And the guy was staring because I was looking like someone straight from horror movies.


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