what eve couldn’t…i did

All these days away from technology and my soul is new again. Technology is good but when we use the same thing at our work places (well I should write I because seems like my colleagues love working like slave) it’s such a pain in….well everywhere. But this is not about how tech-NO-logy is ruining…no not ruining its screwing actually, my life in fact this is about how without it I survived for so long 😛

When I went on the vacation all I was aware of was the fact that I want solace so what I did first…uninstall all social media applications from my apple (not techy apple not the eve’ apple 😉 )…no I ditched the apple all together. What Eve couldn’t do I did, without any discrimination. I dumped my iPhone, Macbook even iPad at home. Next step was to inform the relevant bunch of acquaintances that I am not dead or kidnapped or deported. So I chose my stationary and I wrote letters. Yes those envelopes, stamps thingy which are so romantic and unfortunately out of fashion. I posted those letters, packed my bag…yes singular…one bag and left…to where…well that is the best part.

I left for a cottage in the middle of nowhere but is the center of a research my friend is conducting. So when he asked me whether I can check the camera batteries from time to time I was yes yes and yes ;). So for all those days I cooked only when I was hungry…no wastage of food. I walked around the cottage in the middle of nowhere a lot. I changed the camera batteries a lot. Above all and that is like very above like Mt. Everest above I lived a lot.

Have I missed humans…well yes sometimes…may be more than sometimes. But the feeling that this nirvana is temporary was what made that experience a fuller nirvana.

So ladies and gentlemen my advice…be strong avoid the temptation of the apples or whatever brand you like to do the slavery and run away. Write letters or eat candies or drink coffee or just do nothing but break out from the mundane schedule of life before your life kills you.


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