I miss those days when my shower times used to be full of pondering thoughts from the Grey’s Anatomy. All I wanted to do was cry while in shower; I know its sounding pretty depressing but trust me I used to come out from those showers as a new person. Mentally strong, with well determined decisions and strangely relaxed…both physically and mentally.

And now…well now whenever I take a shower my mind either chooses to stick with the things which I can’t have or the topic on which I should write. Mostly it’s the latter one which keeps bugging me. I know I should be happy that thought ….mind you pretty nice thoughts are coming to me but as soon as I step out of the shower…puff…..nothing….not even leftover cinders for those scathing thoughts.

And when I actually sit down to write I do….well I do stunt like this 😛


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