Ego… The ass saver

How bad really is our ego. Is it bad for our relationships or only bad for our mental health or just bad bad.
A lot of people would say that ego can ruin any relationship but what if your ego saves your ass. Is that bad that you need your ego to save you or if it good that you are saved from bad fate. A true catch 22 situation I might say.
But why I am so pro ego is the incidence where my ego saved me from succumbing to pleading in front of a person who is not only incapable of loving but also spineless to say it on my face that he doesn’t “love” me anymore. My ego saved me from calling back that guy who left me to deal with the break up stuff which by the was a phone call from my side. The break up call….. as I call it lasted barely for 2 minutes but left a gaping event for too long….or may be not for that long _😜.
The ego stopped me from slapping the guy and knock out his pea size brain out of his nostrils.
The ego stopped me from crumbling down like a half eaten cookie but above all like really Everest above it stopped me from loosing my head. It kept me sane and breathing and thriving.
So don’t give up on the little devil it might save your ass like it did mine.


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