legally married


The first man or may be a woman…well whoever for the first time thought that marriages should be legalized must be real weird. Imagine a life may be may not be perfect but happy life for sure and then there is this legal obligation looming somewhere. Although the legal aspect may not be on our minds consciously but the question remains…. Why the situation arise at the first place.
Two people  who wants to live together, want to have some great time together and may be some kids or pets or may be just sheer memories together…. They have to took legal steps to ensure that they get their memories. How many if us had felt the crippled feeling seeping in legally.  I mean isn’t the word legally induces feelings like “break the law”, ” bullshit law” and best “laws are meant to be broken”. So if a word an induce such feelings the best we could do is let the word go. Let the relationship be free of such legal restraint.
OK just to be crystal clear I know the repercussions of darkened future of those kids born outside of wedlock. But hey if you have to fight legally for even for something like child care don’t you think so the kid is better without that parent irrespective of gender.
So legalize those things which does not include emotions and keep the marriage out of it otherwise legally who knows what could happen 😉


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