is different good?

9months….and I feel like a seasoned professional. Well don’t miss-add the word professional and term nine months wrong. What I meant is its being nine months since I started my first job. Now I feel like all those drone bees working round the clock to achieve something which is defined not by ourselves but some Queen Bee in my  case my boss ๐Ÿ˜‰.
But this not about the maniac ….by that I meant my boss. This is about what would you call perfect. How do one decide what is perfect given the fact that no one /nothing is perfect. So if nothing is perfect then what is the benchmark for judging the imperfectness. Some people are like I am better because I am doing something different from what you are doing so I am better. Even if they know nothing else. Who gave them the right to judge others on the basis of what they do. Well who would have known that perfectness could be so flawed.
Something different is not imperfect rather it is plethora of various perfectness. So next time before judging someone for being different and saying the word imperfect remember on the spelling of perfect is spelled like that.


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