oops i lost my keys

This week was bad…super bad for me. I lost my keys, practically starved myself and then the green eyed monster found me.
I will pour out my heart on each of the above. OK so it started with me loosing my flat keys. I, like every “missing things incident ” happens, have no clue where my keys went. I left for my office and came back to my flat only to rummage through my bag endlessly to find my lost keys. Next day in the office I was telling this sob ass story to one of the guys who work with me when Ms. Cow heard me. She approached us to give an earful of how I should have more paid attention and would have been careful. Then she asked the ultimate question,”Where did you lost it”? I was desperately trying to control my sarcastic levers to spring in action…..i mean obviously lady if i had any idea where i lost it i would have retrieved the keys. I  Mumbled something incomprehensible but Ms. Cow had a death wish, she kept on ranting….on and on. So i escaped in my mind palace thinking how we human simply assume that a person who has lost something needs suggestions and sympathy while in reality all that needed is but the lost entity itself. After making sure that the rantings are over and I have nodded periodically, to satisfy Lady Cow, I left them to their task and continued my sorry day story.
Next comes the case of starvation…. for a person like me who can eat a large pizza all by myself going hungry is pretty strange happening. To make this happening incidence happen I think my stars went overboard…. they must have connived with hunger and bad luck to torture me. After getting the lessons of “you should have paid attention” from Ms. Cow she babbled some more rather she blamed me for not noticing that someone else used the last of coffee from the machine and left the machine high and dry….literally because that person left it on a shelf where a person like me who is barely 5’3″ can reach. Yeah so it became my fault too that someone do not have “coffee using etiquette”. I thought may be food (definitely….not may be) would cheer me up and since I was due for a meeting I needed to get done with my lunch in exactly half an hour. The cafeteria where i go for lunch everyday messed up my order. The guy who took my order was someone new so he messed it up royally. He forgot to take out the capsicum out of the dish, yep capsicum and I are mortal enemies. So in short I didn’t eat anything. Rushing back for the meeting I was in such hurry that I ran head on into a hot guy ….like real hot guy and spilled his coffee all over him and earned the most hated glare that no girl would ever want from a hot guy. OK somehow the day crawl close to ending but seems like I had a lot to face. So further suffering came in form of jealousy. I think whoever said that jealousy is green eyed monster must be colorblind ….yes Mr Shakespeare jealousy is all read in its full glory. The guy who used to give all meaningful smile and you know all those signals that he would ask me out this weekend for coffee ….yes that very guy is flirting with someone else.
So dear destiny please stop giving me surprise or rather surprises because I don’t like surprises I like to have things where I can see them.  Also I hate losing keys so please do not move my keys without telling me.


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