heroic heights

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Our world is full of unsung heroes….. everyday heroes. We know so little about them…well may be hence the unsung heroes. People like George H L Mallory, who lived their whole life to achieve their dream…..the dream. In this case the guy achieves (controversial) his dream…..conquers the Mt. Everest and may be the first one to do so…and dies there. All alone, away from his family and most farther from love of her life.
At the end what he achieved…. Anonymous death? Kids are not even taught his name. So what he has done or not done to attain such fate.
We need to find out such heroes because we need their compassion in our life not because we need to be saved by them. We need their dedication for achieving our fate and above all we need their courage to go on even if it means to be alone and die alone.


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