to love or to be loved


I heard it somewhere that I girl should choose the guy who loves her and not the one who she loves. But what if the one who loves  you farts loudly, chew with his mouth open and burp every now and then. So is love enough in this case. Can this love from the guy, make you ignore the toilet seat standing like the last warrior. Or the drawers left open to be closed magically….by you.
If the guy who loves you is really your type then wouldn’t you have fallen for him. There has to be some reason to be not in love with this guy.
And the guy, the one you are in love with if he is reluctant….read do not want….to have you in his life than sweetie I think you should take some time off and think about your love tactics. The one you want don’t want you and the one who wants you…. Who want him.
One suggestion from my side love is just a term dignified and exaggerated to define fluctuating hormonal activities so I wouldn’t be banking too much on this love thingy for my happy future.


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