a pen is mightier while flirting

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A pen is mightier than a sword, whoever said that is true (I know I am not saying anything new 😛 ) . But in my case a pen is mightier than my super-oh-so-awesome personality. I know what I am trying to “pen” down here is pretty much obvious but I would still like to make my point (you know this is my stubbornly mightier “pen” making its point 😛 )

Few days ago I met a guy, who might or might not be hot and happen to be driving the cab that I have booked. I know cab drivers are usually not that hot or maybe they were always hot and I never noticed before. Anyhow during the drive from the airport to my home I learned that he was filling in for his friend who normally drives the cab but today since the friend is sick Mr. Hottie decided to fill in. Seriously the moment I came to know that he is there just by luck, I looked up towards the sky and say thanks to all those non-existent stars which refuse to shine even at night so forget them seeing in broad daylight. He did the major part of talking during the drive, which I didn’t mind even a little bit. So by the end of drive we exchanged number (and that is something which I generally do not do and by that I mean I have never done that before K )but the point here is not this that we exchanged numbers the point would be making an entrance in the following paragraph.

The whole point of exchanging number is to stay in touch with each other…another obvious point which I thought I should pen down 😛 . So after the initial “how are you” and “what is going on there” we moved on to more sophisticated flirting. And flirting we did 😛 . After the art of flirting we decided to move from the virtual word to the real world. During the dinner date we found out (sadly) that both of us are short of words to say, while we empties our reservoir of words in the virtual world.

There and then I realized that it is usually like this with me. In virtual world I have dated more guys and wooed more guys with my words as compared to the number of guys…make it singular guy. I can flirt endlessly with words and with guys with the help of words but I cannot handle much flirting or flirt for that matter. Also for me written flirting is like musical band…in a way…some are like beetles soothing in its own controversial way and others are like Justin Beiber …..both need creativity no doubt, but the end results are poles apart. While 99¾ % times real life flirting irritates me… irks me and I want to smash that guys face.

So yes a pen is definitely better that a sword and if the pen is in the virtual world then hell yes it is the mightiest thing in there 😀


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