can i?

Can I remain silent till the right words arise by themselves?
Can I disengage from the ideas assaulting my attention that drown your opinion while you express your truth to me?

Can I not dread as these ideas flow by?
Can I have faith the right words will arise by themselves when you have finished and I have taken a moment of space too?
Do I need to hold on to my genuine idea?
Perhaps a fuller aspect will rise if I allow your information to enter me without the obstacle of fear arresting its flow.
Can I access the peace in me so that I can actually hear you?
Can I withstand the passions that your truth may create in me and understand that only I can harm myself by my perceptions of the ideas you are offering?
Will the problem we are discussing be solved today?  in this place, in this second?
Am I not arrogant in my assumption that I understand the problem in its full scope?
Can I step aside as your anger, frustration and fear is hurled at me?
Can I watch as it returns home, back to you?
If I am not firm enough to step aside can I let it pass through me and not hold on to it with insult?
Am I not absorbent enough?
Do I need to create more space in me?
Yes, I think that’s it…


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