the black duckling

Being an ugly duckling in a family is nothing new. Every now and then an ugly really ugly, covered in egg fluids duckling is born in a family full of blue-jays. More common than all these births are the concern …rather fake concern shown by the others, others being family friends….relatives and their neighbors…neighbors and their relatives…their dogs…dogs of their dogs so on so forth 😛 their overtly concerned concern is understandable but the indifference shown by the mama blue-jay towards the duckling….how justified is that?

The duckling scared of the world wants nothing more than the care and warmth of mama blue-jay but mama blue-jay being too busy in grooming the other young one, other young “blue-jay”. Imagine the sense of dejection, acting as a vortex sucking in the duckling’ remaining gene of blue-jay. Everyday a new flaw would be shown to the duckling and every day the duckling would think may be today is the day when mama jay would hug me and tell me, “You are family, I love you”. No that never happened not till very very very lately. The duckling often wondered why at all I hatched…why I broke the warmth of my egg…my own loving shelter. Is this the punishment for breaking the egg…maybe oh-just-maybe it’s the wrong family.

The only refuge was the other younger jay. The best in that family. Despite not understanding why the duckling is loved less or not loved at all, the younger jay took the duckling under its aegis. For the younger jay the duckling was nothing less than a sibling…a sibling to be loved, pampered. A sibling to dote on, a sibling to give all the care and warmth of the realms. The duckling learned what love is in a sweet manner but the hatred was itched on its heart by the very own mama jay.

But as they say change is inevitable so the duckling turned into….well it turned not into a blue-jay. But into a raven, darkened by the hatred and carelessness of the mama jay but elegant due to the grace of younger jay. Was it enough for mama jay….no not at the beginning. The raven has mastered the art of living without the acknowledgment of mama jay. Eventually after years of living together brought mama jay’ love for raven on surface and she started showing love, care and concern. But like black color, the absolute darkness never let the blue jay’ love to reach raven’s heart. The heart was a dark, cold perfect for an ugly duckling…to stay there forever.


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