twinkle twinkle lil star?

when i was kid i used to stare at stars from my windows….for hours and hours somehow that used to sooth me….now whenever i try that thing again the turbulent sky makes my thoughts more turbid. where are all those stars which used to shine, smile at me at you at others….what we have done with them…. and will the rhyme twinkle twinkle will no longer be used….oh my gosh…how can this be possible…stars are the thing which has many significant role   i mean come on folks think if there will be no stars then whom should we blame as now we say bad stars….i think we should switch to sun….start blaming sun for our bad luck…yeah that’s it sun will be there for us forever….may be forever until we produce enough smog to cover the sun also which is also a star!!!

but what i wanted to say s where should i go to watch the stars as used to do when i was kid….what should i do to get my sleep back!!!

P.S.: another retrieved blog from an older blog site my my i was some genius that time 😛


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