today started with shadow of unknown….tried many times to put a finger on it but couldn’t figure it out. I hovered aimlessly over every furniture present in flat then settled with a cup of coffee to retrospect. Drifted back to old days when used to support a plump personality, if you can call it personality at all; tactless and horribly charm less also but happy. Those days didn’t mark perfectness in my life but then being perfect was not an aim anytime in my life. With friends those days just flew away as they also have to go somewhere.

Now when with passing time, i acquired wealth, personality and off course survival instincts, i often wonder what is missing; is it the buzz of partying hard or the excitement showing new gizmo to friends or the dread to get caught after pulling a nasty prank!!!Now i realize even if we were not charming in our past but we were merry and newly acquired charm is causing only trouble. In the past we were not sure what to do and considered our self lost but now when we are sure of our life and how to achieve success we can definitely tag our self as classified lost travelers.

and whats more pathetic is, if you tell someone with whom you cherished those moments then…bingo you will be considered as an immature person also probably looked as someone who can’t move ahead who lives in past.but is moving ahead is really like finding the path or it’s just the fact that we are entering deep,very deep in a twisted maze!!!!

so its better to be happy in lost state instead of living perfect life sullenly!!!


P.S.:this blog is from one of my oldest blog site….i am amazed that at that age i have written something like this 😛



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