Just keep beating my heart!!

Everyone is falling in love with strong person (or at least hoping to fall in love with a strong person). In the meanwhile all the “weak” persons are scared what would happen to them. Would their gene of “caring” will never get a chance to be get selected according to Darwin’s theory of “survival of fittest”.

Who would fall in love with weaker souls like mine (should be declared as question of the century 😛 ). Also by the law of balance (yeah I just discovered this law) the weaker should get the support (of selection) not the other way around. Dilemma is this no one wants to know what that “strong person” wants. Technically if a person is that “strong” a perceived by others then think does that “strong” person even needs you or me?

Apparently it is not the “stronger” people exclusive drive, those “can’t love” (read “don’t believe in love”) are also in demand these days. People go like – “Ooh you don’t believe in love, you are damaged, let us heal you”. Imbecile crowd can’t you people see if a person doesn’t believe in love then your rantings of “loving them” and “curing them” is not helpful at all, if anything these useless rants are driving “can’t love” people away from us all. Just accept the fact that love is not required for survival by all living beings. Some are perfectly fine with all loneliness and wants to operate in vacuum. We need not to kill them (literally) with “kindness” or in this case “love”.

Just because someone has decided to live differently or express differently (or in some cases not express at all) doesn’t mean that they need saving. Stop try to be a messiah. Just take care of your heart and those who think about your heart worth a thought.

While the world takes care of all the “strong” people, we weak people should take care of ourselves because someone has said “united we stand, divided we fall” 😛


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