bernoulli’ theorem in balancesheet

“you are so sexy when you talk about Bernoulli’s theorem, you look adorable but hot too.” one of my batch mate has given me this compliment after one of those complicated physics lectures. One thing led to another and pretty soon we had few dates and things were really good between us. Pretty soon we were together and slaving away in our respective offices. Like every other couple we used to discuss our future plans, investment plans and every other plans. One thing I noticed during this period is he would be entertained by my thoughts over black holes but if I try to tell him that earth is not round but elliptical in shape….he would give me a skeptical look. Till we dated we had many conversations where his earth was round according to him while in reality I was aware that it has been proven to be elliptical.

Soon we had one too many talks where round clashed with elliptical and his “adorably sexy” girl was the “dumb fool” who knew nothing about practical things of life. So I concluded certain guys can take a female intelligence only if it is limited till discussing Bernoulli’s theorem (which I think is perfectly useless in day to day life….if you can exclude the physics teacher teaching it 😛 )  or the theory of some extinct species lie dinosaur. But dare you not mention the fact that the car he has selected has mileage second to the car you are already driving.

I don’t know what it is whether the advice imposes a question (read-threat) to their masculine persona or to their masculine intelligence or altogether to their whole existence. You talk about irrelevant stuff and they are all ears the moment you switch to relevant stuff you are scolded “don’t talk about things you have no idea”. I mean common give at least some credit to the person who is a mathematics major despite her hatred for the subject 😉 .

So at the end all I can say and hope is someday maybe just someday I will find guy who would be able to take all the relevant dory stuff in not only the black-holes L


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