one man’ truth is another man’ secret

Often we are blamed or we have blamed someone of revealing their secret. But in reality how many have we voluntarily gave away secrets. I think the answer is not many times. How are we supposed to tell what is a secret and what is a secret. What…rather how we demarcate the fine line between truth and a secret (well apart from the great human common sense). One man’ truth is another man’ secret.

I still remember once my friend (for a very short period of time we were friends) told everyone that I sleep with my stuffed panda (read-still sleep with my stuffed panda and I am 14). I was kind of offended…ok correction I was offended a lot I didn’t talk to her till one week after this BBC incidence. After that I discovered that she has been doing that a lot…telling others little secrets….little truths of my life to others. I still thought maybe due to lack of better usage of common sense she is succumbing to all these secret telling . But no sir no it was not her lack of common sense rather it was deficiency to recognize what is a secret and what a truth. What is worth keeping veiled and what worth to be disclosed.

Also with the difference arises the question which is more excruciating…more lethal to our emotions. A secret guarded for no matter how shorter/longer time period is a secret nonetheless, so obviously it hurts up to some extent (in some cases may be hurt a lot 😛 ) .So does the truth when its told recklessly or to be more precise tactlessly. Both are weapons of mass emotional destruction. And we humans have no idea we have such commanding weapons at our expense rather we believe in bio-weapons. What binds then together is not only the lethal part but also the part where usage of tact is concerned.

So for those who think that truth….the almighty truth is the only righteous way…kindly notice that like every gourmet food is cooked to perfection with the help of a lot of things truth needs the mixture of caution and tact to be pleasant. Also as heat is inevitability to cook that gourmet meal…..time is the essence of every secret. Some secrets might die with time but most of them are like immortal ghosts…..haunting us forever.

All this said now what still concerns me is if given a situation what would I do. What would I give away…a truth or a secret? Well if only that’s easy to decide.


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