serene red

Red is the color of victory-as said by wise researches of Britain. According to them wearing the color during sports increases the chance of victory. It increases the probability of winning. The fact here the color red has been associated with anger. With anger comes fierceness. And being fierce most certainly helps in winning.

Next the color red is associated with passion. Passion for success, love, pride, glory, happiness….passion for life. It’s all in this color that you need to feel deliriously for your favorite thing/person 😉 .

Red is the color for anger….deep, fathomless anger…giving birth to hatred or maybe not. You see red when you are angry or jealous.

Red is the color of love and lust. You want to express love to your sweetheart you select a red rose. You want to seduce someone wear red (well at least wearing red works for the fairer sex ….at least being the key word 😛 ).

In all, what I am trying to convey here is whenever someone says the color red all I can conjure up is warmth, passion, rage, love, angst and various infectious emotions. It’s the color with ebullient feeling maybe because the blood running in our veins are red in color. Maybe there is some other reason I am not aware of or maybe I am not intelligent enough to figure out why red is the all of above. But I got my share of lectures and suggestions….well most of the time I think when people give you suggestions they succumb to lectures after a while. Anyway so I got all the knowledge and lifesaving information about the color red when I decided to paint one wall of my living room in red color. Not a light shade of red or timid red. I chose the red as red as red. As lively as blood, as fierce as anger, as warm as love and as deep as passion.

I chose red because I was not consciously aware of the connection of red to all these emotions. What I was aware of was the fact that red is sun when it kisses the sea at dusk. Evoking lounging of lifetime for many, at the same time invoking fulfillment for a lot. For me red is the color of lightening sometimes when it lit up the sky at night, making patterns in the night sky for millions of us to watch in dark. For me red is the color of fall. All the red complementing graciously the floor of the earth. For me red is the star blinking somewhere hovering in the sky, just there at the corner. Assuming that all of us have seen some stars at least once in our lives 😛 .But above all red is the color which gives you dreams when you look at the crackling fire and could see a dance so ancient that it defies time. It’s the core of that fire which consists of everything yet it is so sublime that it could be as soothing as wind or water or just an old t-shirt. Red is the fire burning in our hearts ….that is what red for me….serenity.

Now you know why the wall is red because all this time it was serene red for me.



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