gay go up and gay go down

Remember the days when the word GAY was just a word to express happiness, not a controversial word to conduct protest or to propose laws. Not that I am against the present usage of the word. I believe in co-existence so the present representation of the word is perfectly fine with me. But what I am trying to write here is one of my experiences…pretty recent experience which is by no means PRETTY. So the incidence goes like this…my rocking dating life with me bed,  is intriguing enough for some of my colleagues. So one of them asked me why I am not dating anyone presently. I, like a normal person told him that how I am sick of guys who want to meet with me and talk over few drinks (read to force fed me alcohol) knowing very well my aversion to such drinks. I mean come on folks offer me coffee or mocktails and I would be all yours well at least for the talk part. But inviting a girl for drinks to get her drunk and then entertain your shoddy self… thrill. Maybe I would have handled getting drunk part but some guys and incorrigibly insolent. I will tell you why….

Some of them are under the assumption that until they haven’t sent some pervy texts to a woman their macho status is threatened. So be ready to read some texts (maybe majority of texts) full of sexual innuendo. No matter how boldly you have asked them not to send such texts or maybe be you have started ignoring their texts altogether but they will religiously send you those weird texts.

So having said all this I said that “I am pretty sure that I am done with guys”. And from here started the rumor that I am not at all interested in guy. Now rumor mill has been spreading this rumor that not only I am not interested in guys but also I swing the other way….altogether. Resulting in weird looks from ladies when I look at them too hard. Guys are way too excited and are asking coyly well not so coyly that whether I have ever considered a threesome.

Trust me I have never controlled my urge of mass killing. How come inappropriate behavior from some other person can be a deciding factor in my sexual orientation that too without consulting me K. If I am not dating someone than why do I need to be declared as a gay.



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