celestial myth

While I keep on making constellation with wishes,

You were tearing apart galaxies with garish flickers.

Crafting the saga of timeless desire with smudges,

Shooting down from sky only to kiss the sweltering earth.

Planets kept on running, trying to outclass yesterday,

Innocently stacking more todays with every period;

Excruciatingly adding more myths with each round.


Our love remained unsung till the end,

To come to the expiry, waiting to be favored.

Your love was melancholy while I bought the luck;

We poised the scale to face ups and downs discretely,

Always winding up in unalike chapter of fate.

Heaviness of impending life too heavy to accept,

We denied the balance of truth for bitterness.


Tears shed leaving their trail on rocks,

Revealed by strangers to amass as relics.

Completing the puzzles by linking them,

Creating the constellations to shine again.

But at what cost and in which era?

Hearts shedding life like shooting star,

Ceasing to exist in this corporeal universe.


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