what we remember?

Everyone in this world is joined by one common thing (well apart from oxygen….and global warming….and now a days terrorism too) that’s our memories. Maybe we don’t share same memory but we all definitely do have memories of our own. All of our memories, childhood memories, having ice-cream, riding our first bikes, first day of school, first date, kisses, coffee, first car….well I am sure you got the idea.

But are we sure that the memory and the truth is one and same thing. I have seen what I remember is not exactly the truest version of events. Somehow human mind is hardwired to identify extremities of events to turn it in memories. We remember the events by degree of sadness or happiness or worried or tensed or eager.

Why we don’t have a memory like, “Remember the day you came home late and went to sleep” instead we have memories like, “Remember when you came late that night, I was worried sick”. So my question is, “What is our memories sans the emotions”. If we remove our emotions from the memories would the raw intensity of truth be unbearable for us to carry.  Our emotions, which if shown publicly defines weakness, are strong enough to cushion us from the vitriolic truth.

Emotions are a lot of thing….a shield from truth, a weakness to hide, a phase kind of thing to go through, a thing to blame for our behavior but emotions are what make our memories worth remembering…everytime!!!


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