♥ love at first sight ♥ 

Some one please hand me my eye-patch,  I am falling in love… at first sight.  If only one eye is functional then would i fall in love partially.

Oh dear Archimedes,  why you have proposed buoyancy for partially or wholly immersed fluids and not something one love at first sight with bifocals on. I guess,  the relatively simple phenomenon of buoyancy was easier for him to postulate rather then diving head along in the “abyss-like”  ocean of love to check whether an individual can survive or not; immersed partially or wholly. 

When I mention ☝ this opinion to others,  some of them quote Shakespeare to me… Remember Touchstone and Audrey… and like a perfect cynic I reply,  “Yeah I also happen to remember Romeo and Juliette”.  They (Romeo and Juliette) definitely conveyed this message clear as, Sploid,  “When in love kill yourself” .. And if it is love at first sight..  😜.. well,  should I say more. Also don’t forget all happened in four days.  Not that number of days has to do anything with stupidity 😉. 

What if I am blind… what are the odds of falling in love for me then😧 none I guess…. Not at least “love at first sight”. Worst (maybe not so worst 😉)  what if I use bifocals.If I am blind then I guess there is only one person but substitute blindness by bifocals and you will get two persons. One would be the person with bifocals and other sans the bifocals.  I know some of you will say bifocals has nothing to do with eternal love and personality is imperative.  But all those lovelies should know that I am writing about “love af first sight”,  so yes looks matter and so does bifocals to look at that looks. Yeah…  so people with bifocals will fall for which one?

Ehh… anyway I don’t want to be Claudius II and behead beloved valentine love from this world but if possible… if given a chance to change something about this love…. I would make it less painful for some of us. 



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