embracing the hug!!

Hugs….what are those….some alien bug, forcing people to try and squeeze the life out of each other?? I don’t mind two different people hugging each other unless I am not one of the two persons in question or in this case situation embrace. The moment someone tries to be extra….ummm I don’t know what do you call a person who wants to hug the life out of you, anyway yeah so the moment someone tries to squeeze the life out of I feel like “why, oh dear devil why me, what have I done to get crushed by these human arms”.

Till this date apart from suffocating the bloody life out of a person, I could not comprehend the whole purpose of hugging someone; unless we are exchanging body odors 😐 . I never ever feel like seeing a person and then running up to that person and do this emotional version of “die bitch die…suffocate, till you die” ritual. There are people in this world who I find very nice and charming and appealing but never in any of my nightmares I would think about hugging them. My happiness definitely do not depend on the squeezing part.I see someone and I am equally equipped to express my love/affection/caring through a mere wave of hand…yeah I know, call me Houdini for that ;).

I guess I have to wait till the day when I will be wise enough to get all this touching and sharing love thingy, till then call me a mollusc, a snail, who is crawling slowly towards this hugging and soul crushing and personal space evading trend. Mind you I never ever want to catch-up or should I say embrace the hug 😉

What is amazing is through the whole process of evolution how could humanity come to this point?  Or maybe I am not evolved enough to understand the process or maybe I am not ready to embrace the hug.


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