hungry valentine!!

I swear by most unromantic rock on this planet that I am very glad that I don’t have to face Valentine’s Day for another twelve months. Or should I say valentine’s week…. As if a day is not long enough to torture me but then when the cosmic set up ever favored me. I am that adopted kid of this planet’s cosmic set up that I, most of the time end up in situations where the question of my liking is like a Mosquito…. i.e. unnecessary and squatted to death.

So coming back to the topic valentine’s day- well i don’t hate the day but i am not a fan either. For me its just another day to live. So this year’s Valentine’s Day was also like last year’s and a year before that and as back as one could go. Which was fine unless i decided to eat. If you are not cooking on this special day then my friend you are in for suffering of eternities.
So as i decided to eat, being a great cook whose culinary skills are limited till boiling water, i also decided to order food. And then all hell broke loose. When I called my regular restaurant they said due to valentine’s day they have changed their menu so either order from special menu or order next day. I was chanting “okay, lets try next restaurant”. So as i tried the next restaurant aaannDD they also said something along the lines. They said  that due to valentine’s day they are facing heavy rush and might not be able to deliver me food at least for two hours. So I weighed my pros and cons and thought if the third joint says the same then I will order from there, given the fact that at some point i must have to eat.

So here comes the lucky third….LUCKY being the key word. They took my order and said food would be delivered in half an hour. Little did I know that we are scaling time differently. Instead of half an hour I waited for two freaking full hours. But was I angry?… dude no i was way…wayy…wayyyy too hungry to invest in any other kind of emotion.

This whole incidence has proved one thing to me, the thing is to celebrate a day of love sometimes a lover like me has to suffer a lot for my eternal love…i.e. food. Somehow I am unable to comprehend why do I need to suffer. The whole population of this  world can launch themselves to Mars or Pluto or Planet-I-Bloody-Don’t-Give-Two-Shits to declare their love. But in doing so how could they prioritise their love over my food love.
All I have to say is my valentine’s day was very bad. I suffered a lot to meet my love!!


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