homeless 🏚️ heartless πŸ’”Β 

“home is where the heart is” but if someone is heartless then where do they live. Forget they, they is very general term, I am heartless but I definitely not a homeless ragamuffin πŸ˜‰ .
But really on a serious note, if I am unable to accept anything or anyone or anyplace with all of my heart then should I give up all hopes.
In my opinion we should start quoting “home is where the hope is” because I know that I might be a heartless person but boy do I ride the high horse of hopefulness. I hope everytime that this time I won’t need my “being heartless” facade to cover up my “πŸ’” heart” reality. I hope everyday that maybe,… maybe today I will find love which would make my heart β™₯ go soaring. But everyday my hope is crushed.
This has come down to the point where I have stopped looking for a home where my heart is. I have stopped not because I am afraid of being hopeful but because I am afraid I don’t have anymore heart left to be kicked out of a home. I have put myself out there way too many times to be managed by human heart and feel belongingness 😬
Now I have comprehended the phenomenon of heart i.e. to pump blood nothing more. I am not looking for a heart-full home anymore. I am now… romantically heartless hence declare me homeless…. romantically ;but I have hopes that could save the whole universe 🌌 so I guess I am not that homeless 🐒. Like once my heart was, I am wearing it on my sleeves. Because unlike heart, my hope is not fragile. My hope do not suffer from the defects of perfection. My hope knows how to survive anf shelter me in it.
For me my hope is my home 🏑.


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