Often I have been tagged as a naive person. “You trust everyone, you are so naive” , “You expect too much, you are so naive” and even get started about hope. What I find odd is how do we managed to develop sorry evolve into something so pathetically hopeless. In reality who exactly is naive. I have been taught ever since I was kid that hope for the best. But as an adult whenever I try to hope for the best I am tagged as a naive person.
As if it was not confusing enough for me people are so unclear about this whole naive situation that I am not sure anymore whether”naive” is a good word or it is just the to discourage people. Specially for people like me with a steak of naiven behaviour deciding the true meaning if the word is pretty tough.
While I want to believe that the is an iota of goodness in the divine word, tone of people say quite the contrary. But why is it bad to be naive, its not my fault that I chose not to be a conniving person. Okay maybe all those who are not naive might not be conniving but somehow being conniving is far more better option for many of us. People would rather be considered as wicked as opposed to fool or naive.
But I refuse to be a person who reads between the line, even when there is nothing to read or a person who can comprehend invisible signs even when the signs are clearly indicating them to screw signs and live your life. Because I don’t want to contemplate every moment of life. I want to give life a chance, it may hurt me some times to feel betrayal or I might feel dejected maybe too dejected to hope again but I would like to take my chances.
What would life be all predicted and sorted, I would rather have it perfected with imperfections. Plus those who are wise and have it all sorted are they happy…no….a big NO. They are busy in predicting too much.
So living a life full naivety is better, at least I think so in that manner you won’t have regrets about how your best planned schemes failed when life delivered a curve ball. I mean shoe me the logic in planning and failing and then regretting.
So I maybe naive and may have suffered a lot or would side like suffer a lot but I enjoy being naive.


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