the ritual of breaking trends


When do you know that the time is right to start witchcraft. Chanting sweet little mantras, collecting enemies ashes, sacrifices so on and so forth. My opinion would be start as early as one could to ensure onstart of a beneficial trend.

I too should have started long ago. I should have started after a boy shoved me off of my skateboard. I ended up with minor bruises on my palm, some nasty cuts on elbows, busted knees and …..yeah and with seven stitches on my scalp. I should have used the scrap of his T which I grasped to break my fall. All the damages due to one simple reason, I learned to flip the board before he could. So he pushed me off screaming, “You shouldn’t have done that you filthy girl”. That night with all my injuries I wished him life full of pain. But empty words and zero channeled energy, what were the odds of getting this wish. It took some time and treats from my brother before I started skating again. But this time the charm was replaced by fear. Fear of what if I annoy someone again. The boy who pushed me was doing great and didn’t waste a single moment to remind me how I got my stitches.

His constant goading set a fire so deep inside me, all i wanted for him is to writhe in pain, a slow fire burning his bones melting his flesh way; making his ashes float in air like lost tales of brutality. I wanted to cast a sigil but unfortunately i had zero knowledge about how to make a sigil at that time of life. So imagine what i did next, i looked around, seeking how to make sigil.

This was the time i poured my whole heart in learning the art. But instead of finding what i was looking for i stumbled upon something else. No matter how badly I wanted to cast a sigil to destroy that boy but all that learning taught me something different altogether. It taught me that revenge is never a happy ending. especially ill planned ones are pain in ass. So I never casted the sigil but i found the magick of words. and the magical world of books, the world where you can actually get all you need.


the magic of finding magic within.

That was time for me to break the trend, the trend of actually finding white and black or grey in your life and move ahead with all you can. because life is too magical to be restricted in black and white and grey. It is too magical to be casted through spells or sigils. the best way to bring out its magick is to charm it. Charm your way inside life for most powerful session, charm your way away to have an adventure of your own. Charm your way to break the trend.

Hoping to continue this trend of breaking trends in upcoming chapters!!


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